Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cards For Troops

Recently a group of gals got together at We B Scrappin' and put together many wonderful cards for our troops. Each person had a different theme and we all met at the store and made the cards. We B sent the cards out to the troops and we have received some wonderful responses from some of the individuals we sent them to, both via email and phone calls (the calls came from family members that are in the states from some of the troops). Here is just one of them.

Hi, My name is 1LT Kelly Shaffer and I would like to say thank you to your company. I received a package of cards from your company the other day. I appreciate the thought, especially during the holiday season! I will be passing out the cards to my soldiers today so that everyone can have something to send home for the holidays. Thank you for the cards, they really brightened my day. Kelly Shaffer

We are going to continue to meet at We B and make cards for our Troops every couple of months. If you are interested in making cards for our Troops please call the store (699-8390) and let us know. We will schedule a date and email all interested parties with the date and themes for the next group of cards. Hope you will join in supporting our TROOPS.

A Special Thank you to everyone who created cards last month for the Troops. We hope you got the same wonderful feeling we received when we read the thank you from 1LT Kelly Shaffer.

Also a Special Thank you to Bonnie Blanchard for all of her leg work in getting us the addresses to send all the cards to and the special card she made for the soldiers. It was absolutely beautiful.

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  1. Count me in! I hope the troops had as fun sending them as I had making them! This is a great service project and a fun and productive way to put all my scraps and leftovers to good use!