Thursday, January 27, 2011

Garage Sale

Spring Garage Sale ~April 10, 2011
We know it seems early but we like to think spring!! What a better time to clean out the old and get some new. For anyone wanting to sell your gently used scrapbooking/stamping goods here are the details: Please call the store at 699-8390 to Pre-register. We will assign you an ID Number (one per seller). Each seller is limited to 25 items so be sure to make up kits and place them in larger size bags (the small ones fall to the bottom of the pile). You will need to clearly label your goods with your ID number and the price. A sharpie works best as some stickers fall off easily. We will issue We B Bucks for all items sold that day to be used within 3 months. We B Bucks can only be used on items on hand in the store. You may not use a 40% off coupon or any other discount with We B Bucks. We B Scrappin' is not liable for lost, stolen or damages items. Please call the store with any questions or to pre-register!


  1. What about items that wouldn't fit in a bag? Like a rolling caddy? Or are we limited to the size of a giant zip bag?

  2. No, Sorry for the confusion. Just the smaller items should be grouped with a larger item, so they don't get lost. Any rolling bags etc just need to be labled with both ID number and price.